hello (again)

Hello dear friends. It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? The last post on this blog is from September of 2020—nearly a year ago. 

I certainly haven’t lacked words, but the longer I went without saying anything, the more there was to say, and the more daunting the task of putting pen to paper became. 

So to catch up: in the last year, I…

  • turned 22 (where did 21 go?)
  • completed two internships
  • became godmom… to a cat (and aunt to a puppo!)
  • published a few more articles
  • presented an advocacy campaign to congress members
  • got a tattoo (sorry, grandparents)
  • finished the most unbelievably difficult year of college
  • graduated with an Interdisciplinary BA in Writing & International Studies (summa cum laude!)
  • lost multiple loved ones
  • travelled to NY to celebrate John’s graduation & commission from West Point
  • & married pretty much the best man ever. 

It’s been a year of high highs and low lows, and the Lord has been faithful in it all. His faithfulness & comforting assurance has been all that’s carried me at times.

So with all that, where to even begin writing? Well, there’s no time like the present. 

Right now, I’m sitting in a coffeeshop in Austin, Texas. I’ve just had the best oat milk mocha of my life. Tonight, John and I will be attending the wedding of some friends. And in 13 days, we’ll be moving to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, for the next 7ish months of our lives.

Over the years, this blog has been many things—personal diary, advocacy platform, experimental sandbox for different writing styles. But as we transition into the next season of life, I hope to use it more consistently to share life updates as we hit the road and say (temporary) goodbyes to many of our loved ones. 

We’d love to have you in our corner for prayer requests, praises, and updates about how God is working in our lives & communities. If you’d like to be added to our email list, please click here.

We love you all & are so grateful for you!

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