first friday

It’s 7:30pm, the clouds above are pink-lined and glowing, and the streets of Newberg are just beginning to come alive.

“What’s that?” Annika asks, mid-crosswalk.

It turns out that ‘that’ is a stand of free bananas fosters. I clutch my styrofoam cup close to my chest, look at Sarah with wide eyes, and mouth what at her.

It’s been a full night for the three of us girls. We’ve hopped from art gallery to art gallery, stared at countless paintings and sculptures (incandescent, someone had called one of the works that captured my attention, and the word has been stuck in my head ever since), and Annika and I have each acquired a handcrafted mug somewhere along the way.

There’s still much awaiting us; the rest of the night is full of kittens at critter cabana and pottery in the bakery and strange antique discoveries down first street. Really, we’re just getting started.

But for now, in the quickly waning daylight, I spoon warm bananas foster into my mouth and think about this wonder of a town. The charming streets, the kind shop owners, the way the streetlights glow against the old brick buildings.

It’s taken me six weeks to realize it, but now I turn to Annika and Sarah, grin wide at them, and say, “I love this town.”

2 thoughts on “first friday”

  1. Aww! This post is so cute and I wish I was with you guys today because it sounds like you had an awesome time! You capture the magic of your afternoon and the life of Newberg so vividly and I loved reading every word!


  2. I am yet to explore Newberg and this just made me want to leave my dorm and go walk around. I have completely dismissed the idea of me enjoying this town and this just opened my eyes. I am from Portland so am used to a little more vibrant nightlife with downtown but man, oh, man I need to go walk around. Thank you for opening my eyes-great description.


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