logistics of late-night workouts

this post was written in response to a prompt for a writing 200 class at George Fox University.

One night, you may find that your knee won’t stop bouncing under your desk as you work and that your mind is muddled and desperate for fresh air. This is the enigma of the college student: you are both too tired to function and yet far too awake. Energy has been pent up inside you all day, the kind of energy that cannot be poured into an essay or a French assignment.

These are your options: go stir-crazy locked up in this dorm room or lace up your running shoes and hit the hill right outside. So you rise from your chair.

Now here’s the deal – you’re gonna get some looks.

Granted, it is 11:30 on a Sunday night. And it is raining, the kind of rain that makes the asphalt reflect like an oil spill under the streetlights.

But this is the secret that only you seem to know: the late hour and the raindrops are what make it all worth it. By the time you return to your room, your eyelids are weighted down, your damp skin frigid and aching for a warm shower, your tired muscles crying out for a soft place to rest. You practically fall into bed after your shower, and you’ve never slept so good as you do on nights like these.

You wonder at the daylight-runners and mid-afternoon-athletes. How do they stay awake through their classes? How do they have the motivation to make it through the rest of their day?

You don’t plan on ever finding out for yourself.

5 thoughts on “logistics of late-night workouts”

  1. I can answer your question about how midafternoon athletes stay awake. We barely do! But I can totally understand what you’re saying in this piece, there are plenty of times that I’ve gone and worked out or ran when I wasn’t tired and my mind was running wild. I love how relatable this piece is.

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    1. Ahaha thanks for the insight! I truly do admire you guys for being able to make it through your days.
      so glad you could relate to this,


  2. I love this! As a bright-and-early, work-out-at-5-am kind of person myself, it was fun to hear from someone who is just the opposite! I wonder the same thing about you guys! How do you not stay up all night from all the adrenaline rushing through your body?
    I loved the detail at the beginning where you said, “the kind of energy that cannot be poured into an essay or a French assignment.” I think we have all felt that kind of energy before, and we all use it in different ways. Proud of you for using it so productively!

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    1. Maggie —
      Dang, I don’t understand you guys. But I do respect that you can do 5am workouts and still function like a regular human being throughout the day!
      Haha, sometimes I use the energy productively. Other times, I somersault backwards down my floor’s hall (true story).
      emma 🙂

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