why we should boycott the new Mulan (and maybe Disney, too)

Maybe you've already heard some of the controversy surrounding this recently-released movie, or maybe you clicked on this post because you saw the title and thought I was crazy. But I'm here to give you some facts so you can make an informed decision about your media consumption. (As a side note: friends, this year… Continue reading why we should boycott the new Mulan (and maybe Disney, too)

on vulnerability & injustice

The other night, my car broke down. I was driving home from John’s house. It's a trip that takes somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes, though I’ve never timed it. I was two minutes in when my car just—stalled. No sputtering, no flashing lights, no smoke. The RPMs dropped to zero, and suddenly I was… Continue reading on vulnerability & injustice

coronavirus, quarantine, and a new outlook

Quarantine is a strange experience. The days blur together, time moves slowly, and there's plenty of opportunity for reflection. And here's the thing: I've had a lot of time to be sorry for myself. I've wept and mourned the loss of Rome. I've reminisced and railed against the unfairness of it all. And now? I'm moving on.